Five Reasons To Update

Even if you are comfortable with your current job and have no intention of leaving, you should frequently update your resume.

A resume is a living document because you never know when you may need it. Here are five reasons why you need to update your resume immediately:

Make Your Resume Public

Thanks to websites like LinkedIn, resumes have become one of the newest social media status symbols. Not only is it acceptable to openly post your work information to friends, colleagues and contacts, it is encouraged. If your resume is not available on social media, post it immediately.

Always Prepare for the Worst

Maybe you are comfortable with your job and don’t foresee any situation why you would be looking for new employment anytime soon.

Things change. Quickly.

Always be prepared with an updated resume and you can take some comfort during a difficult situation by knowing you were ready for something out of your control.

Always Be Able to Consider Outside Work

Perhaps someone you know is interested in involving you in a new project or business venture. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have a resume handy in case something unexpected pops up that won’t interfere with your primary job?

Avoid a delayed response to an enticing side gig by having your information updated at all times. You don’t want to be left behind if time is a factor.

Same Company, New Opportunity

The promotion you’ve been eyeing at work is finally available, but you don’t have a resume to submit. Instead of scrambling last-minute or not putting in for the job, be ready to inquire immediately.

With an updated resume, you are showing your current employer that this opportunity is something you have been truly working towards.

Remind Yourself (And Others) of What You’ve Accomplished

Although you don’t think your job has changed much over time, it most likely has. Document it!

Maybe you use a different computer program for certain tasks: take the outdated program out! Perhaps you have some added responsibilities and/or accomplishments that a future employer should know about: add it!

Don’t allow certain skills or accomplishments fall through the cracks: make your resume as dynamic as it can possibly be.

As far as other individuals are concerned, maybe someone wants to nominate you for an industry or alumni award. Wouldn’t it be easier to submit if the best representation of you was available on the internet? I know so. You know so. Update it!

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